The Rodgers

The Rodgers

Aloha, welcome to our website

Marileen, DuckBird, Sir Grey, and I are living the Dream. We are blessed to travel full time in our Gulfstream Motor Coach.

We have all the extras, allowing us to travel in comfort, play in exotic places, and with our onboard office, we continue our passions for online publishing, online stores, Funny Money, Crochet, Macrame, and other crafts.


Projects, Projects…

We have several ongoing projects, including building the SassyRV Magazine, and travel resource. You might also like our FREE MOVIES at DuckBird, and our cool collectible Faux Banknotes at Funny Money Bank.

So we keep busy, though we make special time every week to explore, beach comb, walk, ride bikes, play pool, use the club sauna, and give each other weekly massages.

May of 2015, we ended up on the Oregon Coast, and it was love at first sight. There is a virtual Garden of Eden here, with miles of sandy beaches (few people), giant dunes, and gorgeous blue waters.

Awesome crystal clear blue skies, and sunny more often then grey or raining, encased in hundreds of lakes, rivers, and streams, miles upon miles of lush forests teeming with critters, wild berries and edible mushrooms, Redwoods, Cedar, Hemlock, Pine, and more.

Add a rainbow of wildflowers, forests floors covered in incredible green mosses, and groomed grasses, and full seasons, featuring vivid spring, summer and autumn colors, but seldom any snow.

You can see some photos here, but be sure to see the photos page for lots more.

Still Busy Exploring Oregon

Naturally, we were so engrossed with the beauty of it all, we have not been able to drag ourselves beyond this incredible 7,500 sq. miles of coastal paradise.

So we bounce around a lot traveling from one campground to the next, or we overnight at a Casino, a beach, some lake or river, or go out to visit the family farm, and boondock a few days.

Eventually, we plan to travel more of the North West, and likely Canada as well. But for now, we’re checking every beach, lake, river, and stream leaving no stone unturned here in Oregon, and it’s taking a lot of our time to enjoy it all, take enough pictures, and try everything, but someone has to do it. Marileen and are happy to take the challenge.

It’s a Lifestyle

We love to travel by Motor Coach and we want to help others find the Great American Dream through the freedom and joys of traveling full time.

To that end, SassyRV is a resource for safe places to camp, eat, play, shop, and much, much more.

It does not matter what you have, a camper, trailer, tent, ATV, boat, jetski, plane, ultralight, a motor coach, motorcycle, a bicycle, or a hot air balloon. It’s all about enjoying the great outdoors.

It’s also not important if your traveling and playing outdoors part-time, weekends or full time. It’s about breathing in the beauty of nature and releasing the stress that life can put on you… whenever you have the chance..!

Check out SassyRV:  Click Here

It’s not done yet, but stay tuned, or please, come help us.
It’s going to be incredible !!!

SassyRV allows us to share our passion while we continue to develop our other projects.

We spend most of our time working on our own projects, though we do take a few small business consulting clients now and then if the energy is right.

We come from a way of thinking that puts the glory of the Creator and “His” awesome works first while sharing peace and goodwill to all the peoples of the world.

Though we have no formal religion, we pray for all to know the blessings and the glory that the Great Creator of all things has given to us all to share, without boundaries, barriers of the mind, power over others (poop), etc.

We believe with all our hearts…

“Each of us is a unique strand in the fabric of this reality. The small efforts we make each day, helping each other. Is the foundation for our mutual success, thereby completing the ‘Circle of Life’.” ~DFR

In 2017, we donated our businesses to a non-profit we created, called “MicroIQ” (ie; small business intelligence). We have always helped small businesses, and so the “Charitable” mission and purpose of MicroIQ, are to:

  1. Inspire, empower, sponsor, and promote community entrepreneurship;
  2. Cultivate and strengthen community economies by supporting successful entrepreneurship;
  3. Help startups and SMBs overcome challenges with planning, marketing, advertising, and financing.

In keeping with our non-profit mission, DuckBirdSassyRV, and Funny Money all provide on-going business advertising opportunities, and of course, JingleSPOT was formally our ad agency, so now just providing marketing related services, as part of the new non-profit.



Dustin and Marileen
541-590-2430  <— Text here also

Learn More: BIO or Linkedin

Mailing Address:
Ambassador Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret.
aka. Jonny Lightfoot, Chief Longfeather
2006 HWY 101, Suite 145
Florence, Oregon, 97439
Kee-too-wah ‘Cherokee’ Ambassador General, United Nations
PeaceKeeper and Protector of the Ancient Ones

Marileen: “Chinese-Checkers” – (Chinese / Czechoslovakian) 
Dustin: Kee-too-wah ‘Cherokee’ – (part by blood, and ALL my heart)


This is where we roll…

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